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About The Company


Since 1978, we proudly represented three divisions of Davis Water and Waste Industries:


  • Biological Nutrient Removal
  • Filtration
  • Steel Erected Wastewater Plants
  • Clarifiers
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Dry Pit Submersible Pumps without water jackets
  • Mixers
Davis Process
  • Chemical Odor Control
  • Process Control
  • Scrubbers

Bruce Environmental Corporations represents EVOQUA WATER TECHNOLOGIES (formerly Siemens) in the wastewater equipment and process market. We also represent WILO-EMU for pumps and mixers. TONKA WATER for water treatment, ULTRATECH for UV and ML SEPERATION/CONVEYING for Headworks, Grit Removal, and screw pumps. We sell primarily to muncipalities, utilities, utility contractors, and developers. Our marketing area covers the Northwest Florida Panhandle from Pensacola to Tallahassee, Florida.

Our driving spirit is to provide service to our loyal customers - to help you by minimizing your problems and providing fast local service.

Since 1978, we proudly respresented three divisions of Davis Water and Waste Industries: DAVCO, Davis EMU, Davis Process

U.S. Filter purchased Davis Water and Waste Industries along with many other water and wastewater treatment companies in order to become the industry leader. Our customers are still offered the previous equipment (above) that we sold. But, we now offer a broader array of technologies, products, and services. We can better solve your specific water and wastewater treatment problems. And, we can provide more cost effective and unique solutions unavailable elsewhere.

Some of the new products we represent are Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR), Jet Aeration, Chlorine Scrubbers, odor Control, BioFilters, Membrane Technology, Dewatering Equipment, aeration and mixing equipment. You will find our product line featured in the Product Section. All of these products that we feature are now sold under the EVOQUA (formerly Siemens Water Technology name as they purchased US Filter in 2006).


MARALYN BODENHEIMER (1937-2012) a/k/a "The Pump Lady" a/k/a "Mama B", Maralyn Bodenheimer worked with Mike Bruce at Bruce Environmental Corporation for 32 years. In 1980, Maralyn was hired as an administrative assistant to handle the daily operations of the business and to handle the bookkeeping. While working closely with Mike, Maralyn quickly learned all aspects of the business, and excelled at selecting submersible pumps, tracking existing projects, and finding a quick response to service problems. Maralyn was extremely intelligent; therefore, she would read or research until she knew the answer to a problem or question. She never gave up on anything. She was loved and respected by all who came in contact with her either face to face or over the telephone. She was honest and direct and never judged others. In 1980 when Maralyn began working with Mike she never dreamed she would one day be Mike's business partner. Mike and Maralyn had a very unique business relationship; they never disagreed on anything. They were best friends. During the last year and a half of Maralyn's life, she and Mike hired Maralyn's youngest daughter, Ann Carlock to be Maralyn's replacement so Maralyn could retire. Maralyn did not slow down at the office, if anything she spent more hours at the office because she loved working with her daughter. Mike enjoyed it too, telling everyone that he had two "Maralyn's" working with him. The countless sympathy letters, phone calls, emails and donations to the Glioblastoma Foundation that Bruce Environmental has received as a result of Maralyn's death is a testament to Maralyn's character and to the relationships that she had with Wilo, Siemens, Engineers, Municipalities and Contractors over these past 32 years. Since 1978 the philosophy at Bruce Environmental has always been to treat others the way that we would like to be treated - fairly, honestly, friendly. It is a true family business, even though Maralyn and Mike were not related by blood. Bruce Environmental has always helped our customers get the best product at the best price with the best customer service. This philosophy was established by Maralyn and Mike and will continue at Bruce Environmental with Mike and Ann.

MIKE BRUCE Mike Bruce is the Founder and CEO of Bruce Environmental which he started in 1978. Mikeís primary responsibility is outside sales. He travels the territory, contacting consulting engineers, cities and utility districts. Mikeís strength is wastewater treatment and process and shepherding larger projects to completion. Mike is always available to assist customers with their existing equipment and their new orders. Mike established this business to be extremely customer service oriented and that philosophy has remained the same ever since. Bruce Environmental has represented Wilo and Siemens since it began doing business since 1978. Even though the names of Wilo and Siemens have changed through the years, their products have maintained their level of excellence.

ANN BODENHEIMER CARLOCK Ann Bodenheimer Carlock is the youngest daughter of Maralyn and Jim Bodenheimer. Ann grew up working with her Mother and Mike at Bruce Environmental after school and during the summers. Ann's professional background includes 10 years working as a Labor and Employment Paralegal and 10 years as the Office Manager of a chiropractic office. In September 2010, Ann began working full time for Bruce Environmental. Her primary job responsibility at the time of her hire was to take over Maralynís administrative duties to allow Maralyn more freedom to enjoy her retirement. Ann and Maralyn had one great year of working together on a daily basis prior to Maralyn becoming ill. Ann handles inside sales and administrative duties.

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